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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wire Coating Setback

It turns out that the coating process completely ruins the color of polished copper. It also destroys the beautiful green color of the verdigris coating. Verdigris can be easily made by putting the copper item under an air tight plastic tent along with a bowl of vinegar. Verdigris will even grow all by itself it the copper is pre treated with hydrochloric acid, washed, polished and set in a room temperature location. Unfortunately, heating the copper item to the 400°F necessary to melt the plastic powder coat, causes the copper acetate to change to copper oxide while releasing water vapor and CO2. The result is a very shiny, black/orange/yellow mesh.

Now I am faced with stripping a baked on polyurethane finish off of six of my woven items. Then I have to polish them and redo the verdigris on the 11 pound basket. Then I have to build an air tight glove box with large window. I will insert a polished item, purge with argon, fire up a pair of stove elements and heat the item to 400°F, levitate a pound or two of powder coat powder, allow it to melt onto the item, then keep at temperature (by radiative heating from the internal heaters) until a good coating has been achieved. Another month or two delay. I am not even going to post pictures of the coated items, they are so sorry. Dark copper color but shiny. Yucckk.

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Bill Slugg - Owner/Operator 
Fred's Sharpening Shop
1820 Ledo Road
Albany, GA 31707
M-F 9:30AM until 6PM
Mower blades - $2 off the mower. 
Saw chain on the saw - $5 
Saw chain off the saw - $3
Note: Saw chains must come off the saw because they have to go on to a machine in order to be sharpened.  
Loppers - $5
Hedge shears - $5
Gas or electric Power hedge trimmers - $10
Carbide circular saws - $.20 per tooth - simple alternate top bevel (Most saws)
Carbide circular saws - $.30 per tooth - triple chip or other advanced tooth form
Planer blades - $.50 per inch of ground edge
Chipper blades - $1 per inch of ground edge
Drill bits - $.50 to $1 for 1/8" to 3/4".

I can do spiral drill bits from .006" up to 3".
Mueller Shell Cutter Re-toothing

Shell cutters for hot tapping water/gas/steam lines - Why send them (12") off to Mueller to have them rebuilt for $1600 when I will do it for $800? Call me for instructions. 

I can straighten horizontal boring pipe. I will get the bend down to <1/8" for $20 apiece.

A few things I cannot do:
Electric hair clippers - Send entire machine back to the manufacturer or to someone on the net who advertises the ability to sharpen them AND wants to see the entire machine. Many cutting problems are due to springs, linkages, pivots, clamps, tension, etc.
Spiral tooth forms such as end mills - no plans to handle these.


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