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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wire Weaving Progress
I need to rustle up some cash before I send my inventory of woven slabs to the coater. Meanwhile, I have developed a method for maintaining the shiny color long enough to get them all polished at the same time without some of them oxidizing. The shiniest of copper is more of a pink color than orange, but in room air the color changes within five minutes. I can keep them under cold clear water indefinitely. I still need to figure a way to get them dried off without oxidizing, then stored at a coater until coating. I plan on a quick blow off with an air hose, then into an argon purged plastic food storage container containing an activated dessicant. I have a few pounds left over from a flower drying kit. It has been a year now since I made the first weaving, and it will be few more months before I have an inventory of one each of the items I want to sell. There will be five sizes of squares and five sizes of rectangles. The smallest will be two inches square, the largest 12x12 or 9x15. The items will be priced by the square inch. The price per square inch will float with the Comex. Right now 1-30-10 grade A copper for delivery next month in 25 ton quantities is selling on the London Metals Exchange at $3.046/lb.  Take half of that and add to $4.50 and you have the price per square inch. Round down to the nearest tenth of a dollar. Right now the 2 AWG Dutch weave mesh would sell for $6 a square inch FOB Fred's. This is signed and delivered Priority Mail. If you pick up at Fred's you can get your pocket knife sharpened. Don't forget, spring is just around the corner. My annual spring time gang fight special is starting. Bring in two stillettos - third one free. Also free motorcycle chain sharpening with each spiked ball and chain.
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Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Failure of Diamond Segments
I cannot cast diamond segments at the 10% diamond by weight level without producing a sintered like, friable, non-wettable mass. All of my castings are highly crystalized. 308 Stainless steel solidifies to a mass of needle like crystals. When hammered or bent it crumbles. Once made, they cannot be wetted with the brazing rods and fluxes I have. I have given up and returned the drill.
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Bill Slugg - Owner/Operator 
Fred's Sharpening Shop
1820 Ledo Road
Albany, GA 31707
M-F 9:30AM until 6PM
Mower blades - $2 off the mower. 
Saw chain on the saw - $5 
Saw chain off the saw - $3
Note: Saw chains must come off the saw because they have to go on to a machine in order to be sharpened.  
Loppers - $5
Hedge shears - $5
Gas or electric Power hedge trimmers - $10
Carbide circular saws - $.20 per tooth - simple alternate top bevel (Most saws)
Carbide circular saws - $.30 per tooth - triple chip or other advanced tooth form
Planer blades - $.50 per inch of ground edge
Chipper blades - $1 per inch of ground edge
Drill bits - $.50 to $1 for 1/8" to 3/4".

I can do spiral drill bits from .006" up to 3".
Mueller Shell Cutter Re-toothing

Shell cutters for hot tapping water/gas/steam lines - Why send them (12") off to Mueller to have them rebuilt for $1600 when I will do it for $800? Call me for instructions. 

I can straighten horizontal boring pipe. I will get the bend down to <1/8" for $20 apiece.

A few things I cannot do:
Electric hair clippers - Send entire machine back to the manufacturer or to someone on the net who advertises the ability to sharpen them AND wants to see the entire machine. Many cutting problems are due to springs, linkages, pivots, clamps, tension, etc.
Spiral tooth forms such as end mills - no plans to handle these.


I take Visa, MC, Amex, Discover, IOU's. I will bill you. I will take things in trade.

You can drop stuff off in the door slot. I have hiding places you can pick stuff up.


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