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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Copper wire activities

Here is a 6 inch square slab of #2 copper wire woven in a dutch weave. This piece is in Atlanta with Casey, my step-daughter. My wife has a piece 9 inches tall and 16 inches wide. It weighs 18 pounds. I am making them on a machine I invented. It is in pieces right now awaiting motors. When I get it back up, I will begin making pieces to sell out in the lobby.6 inch square dutch weave #2 wire

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Fire Arms License
I need to augment my income from the shop, and improve the utilization of my machine tools. On Jan 10 I sent in an application to the BATFE for an 07 FFL. This would permit me to buy a gun, take it apart to learn it, fix it, improve it, and resell it. It is a manufacturer license but also allows for buying, selling, modifying, improving, fixing, and ammunition manufacture.

I still need an on site inspection, modified City business license, surety bond, and state license.

I have constructed a tube furnace that can be used for heat blueing of gun components. In heat blueing, you must heat the object, subject it to oxygen, and allow a certain thickness of oxide to form on the surface. By constructive interference, the transparent layer of oxide will pass only one color of light. My goat is to replicate the "Pre-WWII Colt blue". You can see it any time you burn a piece of steel on a grinding wheel. There is the royal blue of Colt and there is a beautiful purple.

The oven is constructed of a 2" diameter quartz glass tube, 60" long, wrapped with 100' of nichrome wire, covered with 6" of fiberglass wool insulation. I can reach 550° F at only 90 V. It takes about an hour to put a nice royal blue on polished steel. It is uneven though.
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Bill Slugg - Owner/Operator 
Fred's Sharpening Shop
1820 Ledo Road
Albany, GA 31707
M-F 9:30AM until 6PM
Mower blades - $2 off the mower. 
Saw chain on the saw - $5 
Saw chain off the saw - $3
Note: Saw chains must come off the saw because they have to go on to a machine in order to be sharpened.  
Loppers - $5
Hedge shears - $5
Gas or electric Power hedge trimmers - $10
Carbide circular saws - $.20 per tooth - simple alternate top bevel (Most saws)
Carbide circular saws - $.30 per tooth - triple chip or other advanced tooth form
Planer blades - $.50 per inch of ground edge
Chipper blades - $1 per inch of ground edge
Drill bits - $.50 to $1 for 1/8" to 3/4".

I can do spiral drill bits from .006" up to 3".
Mueller Shell Cutter Re-toothing

Shell cutters for hot tapping water/gas/steam lines - Why send them (12") off to Mueller to have them rebuilt for $1600 when I will do it for $800? Call me for instructions. 

I can straighten horizontal boring pipe. I will get the bend down to <1/8" for $20 apiece.

A few things I cannot do:
Electric hair clippers - Send entire machine back to the manufacturer or to someone on the net who advertises the ability to sharpen them AND wants to see the entire machine. Many cutting problems are due to springs, linkages, pivots, clamps, tension, etc.
Spiral tooth forms such as end mills - no plans to handle these.


I take Visa, MC, Amex, Discover, IOU's. I will bill you. I will take things in trade.

You can drop stuff off in the door slot. I have hiding places you can pick stuff up.


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